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The Downtown Theatre, formerly the FCCA, is Solano County’s premier arts and entertainment center. Located in the heart of downtown Fairfield, the theatre is considered the jewel for its state-of-the-art stage, audio and visual facilities. With 365 ‘best seat in the house’ the Downtown Theatre offers the intimacy of a community theatre, with the audio-visual experience of a Broadway venue.

The theatre is operated by the Downtown Theatre Foundation for the Arts, which is a public non-profit organization formed specifically to keep the theatre doors open, and affordable to the community patrons and performs alike.

The Downtown Theatre in Fairfield California, conveniently located 5 minutes from Highway 80, is a 22,000 sqf state-of-the-art-facility for the performing arts.  The theatre facilities can meet the demands of the most complex productions. Be it a theatrical performance, the symphony concert, a seminar or convention, the Downtown Theatre has it all:

  • 360 ‘best view in the house’ seats

  • Stage fly system

  • Fully equipped control booth

  • Art gallery

  • Expensive lobby

  • Rehearsal / Dinning room

  • Court yard

  • Orchestra pit

  • Separate back stage cast facilities


Theatre Technical Specifications



Proscenium Arch


42’w x 20’h

Portal Soft Legs adjust from


42’ to 36’ W

Portal Soft Header adjusts from


13’ low to 19’

Main Curtain clearance to

Apron edge
Black Traveler
Last available pipe LS # 29
CYC Drop LS #30
Back Wall


General Stage Measurement


40’ x 40’

Orchestra Pit Capacity


27 musicians

Loading Door at Stage and Street level


12’ w x 14’ h



Single Purchase Manual Counter Weighted System


30 Underhung line sets w/42’ long battens


35’-9” Travel Height


23 Available Line Sets 1200 lb Max Arbors


14 Dedicated Line Sets


Locking Rail, Loading Bridge, Mid Level Bridge Located Stage Left


Main Curtain manually operated, drop and travel

LS #2

1 Black Traveler

LS# 20

3 Sets of Black Legs, 6’ w x 18’ h

LS # 9, 17, 27

4 Black Borders, 8’ h x 48’ w

LS # 8, 16, 20

CYC Drop, Natural Seamless, 22’ h x 42’ w

LS # 30

Further information see Drapery Schedule




Meyer Sound Powered Speaker System Consisting Of:

4 CQ1 Loudspeakers – 2 Hung Left and 2 Hung Right

4 UPA2p Loudspeakers Hung Center

2 600 HP Sub Loudspeakers Ground Placed Left and Right at Proscenium

4 M1D Loudspeakers as Front Fill Placed Across Front Edge

4 UPM Loudspeakers 2 Left 2 right for Lower and Upper Balcony Near Fill

Galileo 6 x 16 DSP

Booth Location Control

Soundcraft MH 3 40 Mono + 4 Stereo, 12 Aux + 8 VCA

1  Klark-Teknik DN 9340 EQ

2  Klark- Teknik DN 360 EQ

2 Crown XTi 4000 Audio Amplifiers for Up To 4 Channels of Monitor from FOH

2 Yamaha SPX 2000 Multi-Effect Processor

1  TC Electronics D-Two Multi Tap Rhythm Delay

2  Klark-Teknik DN 504 Quad Compressors

2 Klark-Teknik DN 514 plus Quad Auto Gates

2 Tascam CD-OU1 Pro CD Playback Units

1 Tascam CDRW 901 SL CD Recorder

1 Tascam 202 MK IV Cassette Player



48 Channel Whirlwind Patch Master Split Located Off Stage Right

Soundcraft Series 5 48 x 32 EQ Option Monitor Consol

JBL Speaker System Consisting of:

12 JBL SR712 Loudspeakers

2 JBL SR725 Loudspeakers

2 JBL 718s Sub Loudspeakers

8 Crown XTi 4000 Audio Amplifiers

4 Klark-Teknik DN360 EQ

2 Yamaha SPX 2000 Multi-Effect Processors

2 Klark-Teknik DN504 Quad Compressors

2 Klark-Teknik Dn514 Plus Quad Auto Gates



8 Sennheiser EW-100 Series Wireless Units*

2 AKG 451 + CK1

2 AKG 414 XLS

1 AKG D112

5 Shure SM 58

9 Shure SM57

5 Shure Beta 98

1 Shure Beta 91

5 Audio Technica ATM41a

3 Audio Technica ATM U8531

3 Crown PCC

2 Countryman ISOMAX 2

9 Passive Direct Boxes

8 Countryman Type 85 direct Boxes

Dual Channel Clear Com complete with 4 Wireless Belt packs. 10 positions

Various Mic Stands, Booms, Cable, Sub Snakes, Adapters, Etc… incl.

Additional Snake Available

dditional Speakers Available

Additional Audio Mixers Available

* Additional rental rate item



ETC Express 250 Lighting Controller

ETC Unison Portable LCD Controller

ETC Remote Focus Unit

195 AVAB DDII Dimmers per Circuit DMX

Service to 4 Dedicated on stage Electrics: LS # 4, 8, 18, 23

Service to AP’s FOH

All Circuits are 20 Amp Twistlock




6×9 Strand Ellipsoidal 750w


6×12 Strand Ellipsoidal 1k


6×16 Strand Ellipsoidal 1k


6×4.5 Strand Ellipsoidal 750w


ETC Source Four Bodies 575w


2 x 19 ̊ Lens Tubes


15 x  26 ̊ Lens Tubes


9 x  36 ̊ Lens Tubes


2 x  50 ̊ Lens Tubes HD


8” Fresnel 1K


6” Fresnel 750w


PAR 64 1K


4 Color Altman CYC 1K


4 Color Incandescent Strip Lights 150w


400 wt HMI Altman Voyager Follow Spots

Various Cable lengths, Two-Fers, Adaptors, Barn doors, Top, Hats, Pattern holders, Color Frames, Pipe, bases, Etc…incl.



1 Baldwin 7’ Grand Piano
Grand Piano is professionally tuned by an operator of the City of Fairfield.
Grand Piano and wireless microphones are available at the prescribed rate.

Theatre Technicians are required by policy to assist with events.
Black Gaffers Tape is available on a per charge basis.
Any additional requests should be passed through and approved by the Theatre Technician.
Other important information is available during the contract rental process.

General Theatre Technical Specsndescent Strip Lights 150w

General Theatre Technical Specsndescent Strip Lights 150w

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